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Do you have an irregular weekly schedule and find it hard to fit in exercise classes

at the same time each week?


With Defined Pilates and Wellness Membership we make it possible for you to follow a well planned class programme with pre-recorded content that you can complete when it best suits you via the blog on our website!


Every month Charlotte bases her classes around a different element, this then dictates the type of movement that will be covered in the following classes. On top of this, each individual class will focus on a specific section of the body ensuring a full body workout is covered each month.  


What do I get with my membership?

Each month will begin with a digital newsletter, informing you of what to expect in the new content over the coming weeks.


Every week will consist of a full 60 minute class for you to follow along with in your own time. During these classes Charlotte talks through each movement and provides alternative variations depending on your ability and flexibility levels. This means for Pilates enthusiasts, each weeks class can be completed various times with increasing difficulty!   

A weekly standalone class lasting anywhere from 5-40 minutes looking at various types of Pilates classes such as; Pilates Core; whereby the emphasis would be on developing core fitness. Pilates Flow; taking a more holistic approach to exercise, incorporating elements of Yoga and relaxation. Pilates Matwork; a standard Pilates class that delves deeper into the Pilates classical syllabus and Meditation; a chance for you to take time to unwind and relax while following a guided meditation class.

Additionally, members have access to a monthly digital Top Pilates Tips flyer, this is to give you a deeper understanding of Pilates in general and will offer a more in-depth review of specific anatomical movements. Defined Pilates and Wellness offers this as Charlotte feels passionately about ensuring students understand why movement is important and fully understand what is trying to be achieved through doing so. Also this flyer will explain various terminology used throughout the all videos. 

Free 20 Minute Core Flow Class

The key benefits of Membership;

  • Able to repeat classes multiple times a week utilising the various levels of difficulty. 

  • Classes are planned and follow a monthly goal, just as if you were attending a physical Pilates class. 

  • Full access to back catalogue of exercises and documents within the membership portal. 

  • More cost efficient than attending live classes. 


If this sounds just right for you,

follow the link below to check out our membership plans!


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