“Embrace and love your body, it is the most amazing thing you will ever own.”

Massage has been around for thousands of years. It is an intuitive healing art that comes from the natural instinct to rub areas of the body if they hurt. Body Massage is a treatment which aims to relax, revive and heal the body. By using hands-on movements and manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles in the body, massage therapy works to promote healing and enhance a person’s overall well-being. Body Massage as we know it today, which is often referred to as Swedish/Holistic body massage, comes from the workings of Per Henrik Ling, he was a Swedish fencing master and a gymnast. He completed most of his studies in China and created the technique of long smooth strokes and combined them with remedial exercises.


Sports therapy massage and Holistic massage has an overall positive effect on the body and mind. Massage helps the body by relieving muscular tension, relaxing muscles and reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. Massage therapy helps to relieve muscular restriction, tightness, stiffness and spasms. It reduces muscle soreness and fatigue by enhancing blood circulation that results in an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the muscles. When muscular tension is reduced, the patient’s range of motion is improved. Massage therapy increases flexibility by lengthening muscles and promoting relaxation not only of the body but also of the mind. Massage helps the body to use its natural resources to heal in an event in an injury whether it be an acute injury, and overuse injury or a soft/hard tissue injury, thus not becoming drug dependent.


In 2019 completing her Massage therapy qualification became a reality. 

Charlotte is now so grateful that she can help others, to aid recovery and to create that space in their week for some ‘zen’.



Holistic Treatments

Back, neck and shoulders
30mins £35 - 
45mins £40

Hands, Arms & Neck
30mins £30

Face, Neck & Head

25mins £30

Legs, Feet & Lower Back

30mins £35 - 45mins £40

Full Body

45mins £40 - 60mins £50

Sports Massage Treatments

Back, Neck & Shoulders

30min £35 - 45mins £45


30mins £35 - 45mins £45

Full body

60mins £50 - 90mins £75


Energy Burst Full Body Massage

A full-body Invigorating and energising massage with a complex blend of 17 invigorating essential oils, including grapefruit, lemon & rosemary. Supercharged with Vitamin C and baobab oil to provide your skin with nourishment and intense hydration throughout the day

60 mins £55

Perfect Nights Sleep Full Body Massage

Enjoy a top-to-toe relaxing massage formulated with a dreamy blend of 19 essential oils including, English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine. Designed to have you drifting off.

Keeps your skin hydrated, nourished and super soft. 

60 mins £55


Massage WAX & OILS

At Defined Pilates and Wellness we use Songbird Massage Wax - Songbird Massage Waxes combine a unique blend of beeswax and 100% natural ingredients. The waxes provide a supreme massage experience for the client. Presenting as a semi-solid formula which immediately melts onto the skin, the wax provide a massage medium that delivers control, smoothness and a perfect finish.

Different flavours are available, you have choice of –



Relaxation Massage Wax is used for deep meditative work. The grassy, smoky and earthy scents of Vetiver and Petitgrain aid with concentration and relaxation. This has a particularly unique scent; best described as a little like straw, a little like grass and a little like smoky earth and vegetation.

It is a two-step scent, meaning that in order to get to the deeply relaxing and earthy qualities of the essential oils, you need to work deeply with the scent. Moving through the first impressions opens up the second, earthy core of this blend. This is the deepest kind of relaxation. Vetiver, also known as Oil of Tranquility, is a scented grass native to India and Sri Lanka, and is suitable for oily skin. It is botanically related to Lemongrass and Citronella. Part of the earthy quality of our Relaxation Massage Wax comes from the Vetiver, which stimulates circulation while promoting restful sleep and alleviating restlessness. There is a certain similarity in scent between Vetiver and Sandalwood.




Zest Massage Wax is a light, gentle, refreshing and uplifting citrus Massage Wax containing Lime and Mandarin essential oils.

Originally developed in conjunction with the Iris Cancer Charity, the Zest Massage blend was formulated without Arnica so as to make them as mild as possible for those with compromised immune systems. With its subtle and zesty scent, it is also suitable for pregnancy massage as its essential oil content falls well below the latest regulatory requirements for a 'leave on' product.

Pacific Nights



Pacific Nights Massage Wax has a beautifully unusual scent, used by those wishing to have a more perfumed post-treatment aroma. Ylang Ylang and Jasmine both have calming and stress-reducing properties. Jasmine is a beautifully floral scent, making Pacific Nights a popular choice in Facial Massage and Indian Head Massage. It has also been used in postnatal recovery work.

Neroli, which is obtained from the blossom of the Seville Orange tree, is a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-phototoxic oil. It is used in more than 12% of all modern quality perfumes, often as their principal ingredient. Pacific Nights Massage Wax is the most floral, relaxing and exotic of our Massage Waxes.

Mountain Forest



Mountain Forest Massage Wax is a woody blend, created as an alternative for those who prefer not to have a floral scent in their Massage Wax. It is best described as piney, smoky, woody, foresty and green.


It's a blend that comes into its own when warmed on the skin through massage, allowing the rich notes of Sandalwood to pour out and envelop the user. Cypress oil is known for its ability to energise and lift and, in combination with Cedar oil, helps improve the appearance of oily skin due to its astringent properties.

Vegan Massage Wax



This unscented massage wax contains no essential oils, but provides the same consistency and performance as all other waxes. NUT FREE.


Please download and complete our Massage Health Form and either return via email to or bring with you to your massage.


Frequently asked questions

What personal data will you collect from me and how will it be used?

To ensure that the treatment I give is safe for you, and to keep client records that comply with the terms of my insurance, I gather personal and contact information on my client consultation forms. The data I collect includes name, date of birth, telephone number, email address and postal address. I also collect medical and health information on my consultation form, for example, details of any health conditions you have currently, or historically, and medications you are taking. After a treatment I write brief notes on the consultation form, including which treatment was given and treatment notes, for example which massage oil was used and in which muscles tension was felt. These after treatment notes help me to plan for your next treatment. The information is only kept in paper format and is secured in a locked filing cabinet, to which only I have access. I will use your contact information if I need to contact you about a treatment you have booked (for example to confirm or cancel the appointment). I will use your medical and health information to determine if a treatment I am suggesting to you is safe for you. I will use your aftercare notes to personalise your future treatments. I do not use any of your data for any other purposes. I will not use your information for promotional or marketing purposes and I do not share any of your information with third parties.

What is the difference between holistic and deep tissue therapeutic massage?

I find the easiest way to describe the difference is in terms of the objectives of treatment. My holistic treatments are primarily designed with relaxation as the key objective, whereas my Sports Massage therapeutic treatments are designed with the relief of tension, or pain, in problem areas as the main objective, and the relaxation felt is a pleasant side effect! Although I adjust pressure to suit you, my holistic treatments tend to utilise lighter and more relaxing strokes and techniques and are likely to include more areas of the body and feel very soothing and tranquil. By contrast, my Sports Massage therapeutic treatments aim to specifically target or correct issues in a problem area and utilise deeper more intense massage strokes to relieve tension and knots in much more localised areas. Stretches are also carried out to help correct the issue.

Are there conditions where massage is not recommended?

There are very few instances where massage is not recommended, when this is the case these are known as ‘total contraindications’. Total contraindications would include being under the influence of alcohol, suffering from a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting. Displaying symptoms of Covid19. And if you have Just been diagnosed with cancer.

There are also ‘local contraindications’ which are conditions affecting specific areas of the body that mean you should not be massaged in that area - for example if you have a cut, bruise or abrasion on your foot then you could still have a body massage but the foot would be avoided.

Some conditions require medical approval before my insurance allows me to proceed with a massage. For example if you suffer from heart disease, asthma or epilepsy or are undergoing treatment for another medical condition from another specialist you will be required to produce a letter from your GP stating that you are OK to receive massage. The conditions mentioned above are for indication only - before you visit please and book an appointment with me, please call to discuss.

Will I feel any side affects after my massage?

It is common for your muscles to feel temporarily tired or heavy, similar to how they feel after a workout. A small number of clients receiving a massage feel achy, flu like or complain of headache. This is due to all the toxins that have been released from your muscles. These symptoms are completely normal and should pass within 24 hours.

Some clients find that feeling deeply relaxed can allow emotions to come to the surface and they may feel emotional. If this happens I will ask you if you are happy for me to continue with the treatment and progress if you are comfortable.

Aftercare - what should I do after my treatment?

You will be given a leaflet to take home explaining how to get the most benefit from your treatment and minimise any side effects. The main advice is to avoid exercise, heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol immediately after your treatment. It is imperative that you drink plenty of water to help your body to flush out any waste toxins.

Do you leave the room to allow me to get undressed?

Yes. Your dignity, privacy and comfort are important to me.

Will the oil ruin my clothes or mess up my hair and make-up?

I Predominantly use Massage wax for your treatment they should not damage your clothing, but to be sure please wear comfortable clothing and avoid delicate or fabrics such as silk, which may be damaged by oil. Some massage techniques could disrupt make-up or hair but this can be avoided if needed, please let me know on arrival.

Do I need to bring a towel or robe?

No, everything you need for your treatment will be provided.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, please browse my treatments and prices and email me or call me on 07584 900 325, to organise a personalised gift voucher for your friend or relative. Please note that my vouchers have a 12 month expiry date. Alternatively please view our gift vouchers available in the online shop.

What appointment times do you offer?

I currently offer Wednesdays 10.00am until 4.00pm, Thursday evenings 6.00pm until 8.00pm and Saturday Mornings 9.00am-12.00pm. I aim to be as flexible as possible, so please just ask and we can discuss a time to suit you.

What payment types do you accept?

I accept payment by cash, gift voucher or BACS transfer. My bank details are available on request. If you are paying via BACS this must have reached my account 2 hours prior to the treatment.

Do you offer massage therapy treatments to men?

Yes but only at the Physio Suite where there are other members of staff present, for safety reasons. I do not offer mobile appointments to male clients unless they are known to me, or referred by a well known female client, and then only at my discretion.