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Defined Pilates

Our Defined Pilates Gentle class follows the classical Pilates matwork. Focus is on the 8 key principles of Pilates and is set at a slightly slower pace. Perfect if you want to take time out for yourself during a busy week or if you are retired and want to start a new exercise programme.

Defined Pilates Props

Our Defined Pilates Props class works a little harder than the gentle class. Still following the Pilates matwork principles but now including variations with resistance bands, spiky massage balls, fitness balls and magic circles. - may need to improvise with props from home!!

Defined Pilates Flow

Our Defined Pilates Flow class is a faster paced class. Following the classical Pilates matwork method and including some yoga and relaxation technique.

Defined Core Fitness

Targeted stretching and strengthening for all winter sport enthusiasts. Whether you want to get ready for the mountains or if you just wish to increase overall flexibility and strength, this is the class for you! 

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Classes are available on a pay as you go basis or you can sign up to a six class block. Payments must be made at least 2 hours before a class.




   Defined Pilates Props 6.30-7.30pm  £6.00/£7.50


    Defined Core Fitness -  8.00-9.00pm £6.00/£7.50 


  Defined Pilates Matwork 7.00-8.00pm £6.00/£7.50



    Defined Pilates Matwork 6.30-7.30pm  £6.00/£7.50

    Defined Core Fitness 8.00-9.00pm  £6.00/£7.50




   Defined Pilates Matwork 10.00-11.00am £6.00/£7.50

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To book into an online session, please email me on to confirm which class you wish to attend, I will then send payment details and link to be ale to access the class -

NHS Frontline workers don't need to pay.

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